Past Corrections

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Date of the Announcement Parameter Data Type Contributor Explanation
2013/12/25 CO Daily and Monthly Giordan Lighthouse (GLH, UMLT)    Carbon monoxide daily and monthly data for 2012 from Giordan Lighthouse (GLH, UMLT) was provided incorrectly on this website from 19 September 2013 to 25 December 2013.
   If you use the data downloaded during this period, please update the data.
2012/04/26 All Kinds All Kinds Earth System Research Laboratory, NOAA (NOAA/ESRL)    From 26 April 2012, the number of header lines in each data file provided by NOAA/ESRL is not fixed 32 as assigned in "WDCGG Data Submission and Dissemination Guide" (GAW Report No. 188).
   The header parts have been modified to contain original COLLABORATORS information according to the request of NOAA/ESRL and its contributors. The length of the header lines is available at the line number 5 (C05) in each data file.
   See list_20120426.txt for more information.
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