WMO WDCGG Data Summary
WDCGG No. 32

Volume IV-Greenhouse Gases and Other Atmospheric Gases

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WDCGG No. 32 (15.2MB)

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Cover (121KB)
Acknowledgements (55KB)
Contents (40KB)
Summary (126KB)
1.Introduction (126KB)
2.Analysis (120KB)
3.Carbon Dioxide (492KB) Map Plate1 Plate2
4.Methane (360KB) Map Plate1 Plate2
5.Nitrous Oxide (126KB) Map Plate1
6.Halocarbons (295KB) Map Plate1 Plate1
7.Surface Ozone (187KB) Map Plate1
8.Carbon Monoxide (274KB) Map Plate1 Plate2
9.Nitrogen Oxides (122KB) Map Plate1
10.Sulfur Dioxide (141KB) Map Plate1
References (160KB)


Appendix A Calibration and Standard Scales (222KB)
Appendix B List of Observation Stations (65KB)
Appendix C List of Contributors (98KB)
Appendix D Glossary (84KB)
Appendix E List of WMO/WDCGG Publications (59KB)