WMO WDCGG Data Summary
WDCGG No. 38

Volume IV-Greenhouse Gases and Other Atmospheric Gases

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Cover ( 159KB)
Acknowledgements (  84KB)
Contents (  47KB)
Summary ( 578KB)
1.Introduction ( 546KB)
2.Analysis ( 529KB)
3.Carbon Dioxide (1281KB) Map Plate 3.1 Plate 3.2
4.Methane (1130KB) Map Plate 4.1 Plate 4.2
5.Nitrous Oxide ( 801KB) Map Plate 5.1 Plate 5.2
6.Halocarbons (1717KB) Map Plate 6.1 Plate 6.2
7.Surface Ozone ( 981KB) Map Plate 7.1
8.Carbon Monoxide (1058KB) Map Plate 8.1 Plate 8.2
9.Nitrogen Oxides ( 583KB) Map Plate 9.1
10.Sulphur Dioxide ( 579KB) Map Plate 10.1
11.Volatile Organic Compounds ( 684KB) Map Plate 11.1&2 Plate 11.3&4
References ( 575KB)


Appendix A Calibration and Standard Scales (669KB)
Appendix B List of Abbreviations in the Calibration and Standard Scales (498KB)
Appendix C List of Observational Stations (557KB)
Appendix D List of Contributors (629KB)
Appendix E Glossary (486KB)
Appendix F List of WMO/WDCGG Publications (490KB)