WMO WDCGG Data Summary
WDCGG No. 41

Volume IV-Greenhouse Gases and Other Atmospheric Gases

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Cover (  81KB)
Acknowledgments ( 504KB)
Contents ( 513KB)
Summary ( 609KB)
1.Introduction ( 537KB)
2.Analysis ( 605KB)
3.Carbon Dioxide (1153KB) Map Plate 3.1 Plate 3.2
4.Methane (1052KB) Map Plate 4.1 Plate 4.2
5.Nitrous Oxide ( 780KB) Map Plate 5.1 Plate 5.2
6.Halocarbons (1344KB) Map Plate 6.1 Plate 6.2
7.Carbon Monoxide (1082KB) Map Plate 7.1 Plate 7.2
References ( 619KB)


Appendix A Calibration and Standard Scales ( 627KB)
Appendix B List of Abbreviations in the Calibration and Standard Scales ( 520KB)
Appendix C List of Observational Stations ( 637KB)
Appendix D List of Contributors ( 633KB)
Appendix E Acronyms ( 505KB)
Appendix F List of WMO/WDCGG Publications ( 507KB)