This page contains the results of experimental numerical predictions of future climate with a coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation model (CGCM) and a regional climate model (RCM) developed by the Meteorological Research Institute (MRI) of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), in order to assess the effect of the global warming on the climate.

Detailed changes in climate over Japan were calculated by the regional climate model with a spatial resolution of 40 km (RCM40).

The following two experiments were performed:

(i) "the control experiment" (denoted by [CTL] in the figures)
The atmospheric CO2 concentration is fixed at the level of 1985 (345ppm).

(ii) "the transient experiment" (denoted by [INC] in the figures)
The effect of changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations on climate was investigated. The rate of the increase of CO2 is 1.0 %/year in compound.

These conditions are the same as those used in the experiments in the "GLOBAL WARMING PROJECTION vol.1".


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