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Hindcast(JMA/MRI-CPS2) Configuration

A 36-year (1979-2014) re-forecast with the JMA/MRI-CPS2 is carried out in the same way as the real-time operational suite except for a small ensemble size of 10 for every initial month, which are composed of five-member ensembles started from two initial dates with 15-day intervals (Table 1). The five initial conditions on each initial date are obtained with two perturbation patterns in the tropics(20S-20N), and two perturbation patterns in the northern extratropics(20-90N).

Initial Date

Table 1: Initial dates of JMA/MRI-CPS2 hindcast
Initial month JMA/MRI-CPS2
January 27 Dec, 12 Dec
February 31 Jan, 16 Jan
March 25 Feb, 10 Feb
April 27 Mar, 12 Mar
May 26 Apr, 11 Apr
June 31 May, 16 May
July 30 Jun, 15 Jun
August 30 Jul, 15 Jul
September 29 Aug, 14 Aug
October 28 Sep, 13 Sep
November 28 Oct, 13 Oct
December 27 Nov, 12 Nov


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