forecast map

forecast period

initial date


ensemble mean forecast
ensemble mean forecast (mask [msss < 0] area)
msss : Mean Square Skill Score
spread and anomaly

coresponding verification

LT : lead time(day)
kt : lead time(hour)

Contour show forecast, and shaded pattern and vector show anomalies. Contour interval
CHI200 : 2x1.0E6m2/s
RAIN : 2mm/day
Z500 : 60m
TS : 4C
SST : 2C
PSI200 : 16x1.0E6m2/s
PSI850 : 5x1.0E6m2/s
PSEA : 4hPa

Contour show spread, and shaded pattern show anomalies. Contour interval
CHI200 : 1x1.0E6m2/s
RAIN : 1mm/day
Z500 : 10m
TS : 1C
PSI200 : 2x1.0E6m2/s
PSI850 : 1x1.0E6m2/s
PSEA : 1hPa

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