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User Registration for Dobson Software (WINDOBSON)


WINDOBSON is a unique software package for operation, data analysis and quality assurance of Dobson spectrophotometer observations (total ozone and Umkehr ozone measurements). The package was developed by JMA's Aerological Observatory based on its long experience of operational use of Dobson instruments.


The worldwide community of ozone observation initially pointed out the effectiveness and usefulness of WINDOBSON. The GAW Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) for Ozone identified it as a potential basis for a standardized approach to operation, quality assurance and data analysis of Dobson observations. In response to this, WMO proposed to JMA that WINDOBSON be widely used at WMO/GAW ozone observatories around the world. Considering the software's possible contribution to improving the data quality of global ozone observations and enhancing GAW activity overall, JMA accepted this proposal in March 2006.
  Software Name WINDOBSON
(Dobson spectrophotometer processing program, 2006 version)
  OS Microsoft Windows XP
  Main features - Processing and graphic indication of total ozone and Umkehr ozone observation data
- Processing and graphic indication of instrument check data for quality control
- Available for both automatically recorded data and manually input data
  Operating manual English-version manual of approximately 50 pages outlines basic operating procedure including file specifications.

Total Ozone processing main page WINDOBSON_Software
Screenshot of total ozone
observation processing
Useful features of
(PDF format)

Conditions for User Registration
  1. The proprietary rights and copyright of the software provided in the form of source and compiled versions remain with the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).
  2. Use of the software is permitted for non-profitable purposes only.
  3. The software is not to be redistributed to third parties in any form without prior agreement from JMA.
  4. JMA shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from use of the software.
  5. JMA will release subsequent revised versions of the software as far as possible, although it shall not be liable for any maintenance of the software.
  6. If a user makes alterations to the software, the revised version should be sent to JMA. If it is beneficial for general use, it will be made available to all users.

User Registration Procedure
  1. Download the user registration form from this web page (see below).
  2. Submit the completed form to the Permanent Representative of Japan with WMO by fax or E-mail attachment.
  3. Once we receive the request from the PR of your country with WMO to the PR of Japan with WMO, the following contact person of JMA will duly approach your contact person with the relevant information including the user ID and the password needed to download the Dobson software from our ftp site.

Contact point for user registration and further information

KOIDE Hiroshi (Mr.)
Director, Atmospheric Environment and Ocean Division
Atmosphere and Ocean Department
Japan Meteorological Agency

Postal Address :
   Japan Meteorological Agency
   1-3-4 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku
   Tokyo 1008122

Fax Number :  +81-3-3211-8309
E-mail Address : 

Download for User Registration Form and Software of WINDOBSON
  User Registration Form   (PDF, 29KB)   User_Resistration_Form

  Software of WINDOBSON   (ZIP, 7.7MB)
   Password is necessary for extraction.
   MD5 (Windobson.zip) = 9cd80e8573bff94da88bdf4e60f4ed00

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