Summary of data selection for the global analysis at the WDCGG

 This table summarizes the result of data selection made by the WDCGG (World Data Centre of Greenhouse Gases) for producing global analyses of trends and changes in the mole fractions of major greenhouse gases.

 Data are selected according to the criteria described in the Technical Report of Global Analysis Method for Major Greenhouse Gases by the WDCGG published as GAW Report No. 184. 

 Data are used for the global analysis if the following criteria are met: 

1) Use of the data is permitted by the contributor. 

2) The data exist more than 12 consecutive months.

3) The calibration scale of the data is traceable to or convertible to the WMO primary standard. 

4) When data are submitted from more than one contributor for a single observation site, the data are consolidated into a single time series.

5) The average mole fraction is within three times of the standard deviation from the fitting curve for the latitude of site location. 

This table lists the data that are selected to be used for the most recent global analysis of the WDCGG. The following is explanations of the columns in the table:

A: Name of the station where the data are observed

B: Name of the country/territory where the station on land, or the responsible institute of the ship/aircraft observation, is located

C: Name of the contributing institute or organization that submits the data

D: GAW station category: global/regional/contributing

E: Data filename

F: Analysis method

G: Type of sampling: continuous or flask

H: Latitude of the station in decimal degrees

I: Longitude of the station in decimal degrees

J: Altitude of the station :meter

K-M: Calibration scale used for the measurement

N: Measurement unit

O: Conversion factor of the calibration scale expressed as ratio to that of the WMO primary standard

P-Q: Covering period of the data

R: Deviation from the fitting curve expressed as multiples of the standard deviation for the latitude of site location

S- : Availability of monthly averages
   +: Data available ; RED: Data used for the analysis, BLACK: Data not used for the analysis 
   -: Data not available

For the rows bordered in black, the data are submitted from more than one contributor.