1st (RMM1), 2nd (RMM2)

Fig. 1st and 2nd components of EOF vectors (Left: OLR+U200+U850, Right: CHI200+U200+U850)
Normalized values are plotted.
In "OLR+U200+U850" case, the mode, which has enhanced convection around the Maritime Continent, appeared for the 2nd component of the EOF vectors.
Therefore, the score of this mode was defined as RMM1, and the score of the mode, which has enhanced convection over the Pacific, was defined as RMM2.
Spatial structures of RMM1 and 2 are rotated +30 degrees for "OLR+U200+U850" and -20 degrees for "CHI200+U200+U850" with reference to the structures
"OLR+U200+U850" of Wheeler and Hendon (2004).

Wheeler, M. and H. Hendon, 2004: An All-Season Real-Time Multivariate MJO Index: Development of an Index for Monitoring and Prediction. Mon. Wea. Rev., 132, 1917-1932.