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The First Session of East Asian winter Climate Outlook Forum (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 4-6 November 2013)

Summary Report

* Seasonal outlooks contained in the summary report may be updated when each NMHS issues its official outlook.

Abstracts and Presentations

  • Presentations
Title Presentations
Overview of recent climate and climate variability
    Characteristics analysis on the 2013 summer climate in Mongolia,   (Ms D. Dulamsuren, NAMEM) (1.3MB)
    Characters of temperature and precipitation and main climatic events in China in 2013   (Mr E-Hyung PARK, KMA) (2.3MB)
    Characteristics of 2013 summer over South Korea   (Mr E-Hyung PARK, KMA) (3.6MB)
    Factors of extreme summer conditions in East Asia in 2013   (Mr Norihisa Fujikawa, JMA) (5.3MB)
    Recent variability of East Asian winter monsoon   (Mr Norihisa Fujikawa, JMA) (7.1MB)
    Temperature Variation over East Asia in Connection with Weakening of Stratospheric Polar Vortex   (Mr Sung-Ho WOO, KIOST Korea) -
    Advancement of EAMAC/WMO and Assessment of EAWM Indices   (Mr Bing ZHOU, CMA) (3.1MB)
    Recent Evolution and Outlook of ENSO Cycle   (Mr Xianjun XIAO, CMA) (9.1MB)
    Air temperature distribution over Mongolia using Dynamical downscaling and statistical correction   (Mr G. Bayasgalan, Korea) -
    Review of recent extreme weather and climate events in Mongolia   (Ms M. Doljinsuren,NAMEM) (1.8MB)
Seasonal climate prediction of the winter 2013/2014
    Seasonal outlook for winter 2013/2014 over Mongolia   (Ms B. Jargalan, NAMEM) (4.3MB)
    Seasonal outlook of the 2013/2014 winter over China   (Mr Wei GU, CMA) (5.0MB)
    Climate Outlook for Winter 2013/2014 Over Korea   (Ms Jeongsun KIM, KMA) (3.1MB)
    Seasonal Prediction of East Asian Winter Monsoon in 2013/2014   (Dr. Baek-Min KIM, KOPRI) -
    APCC Climate Prediction for winter 2013/14   (Mr Hyun-ju LEE, APCC) -
    Seasonal outlook of the East Asian Winter Monsoon in 2013/14  (Ms Keiko HARAGUCHI Higaki, JMA) (1.8MB)
    Outlook of 2013/2014 East Asian Winter Monsoon using PNU CGCM  (Mr G. Bayasgalan, PNU, Korea) -

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