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The Third Session of East Asia winter Climate Outlook Forum (Seoul, the Republic of Korea, 3-5 November 2015)

Summary Report

* Seasonal outlooks contained in the summary report may be updated when each NMHS issues its official outlook.

Abstracts and Presentations

  • Presentations
Title Presentations
Overview of 2015 East Asian Summer Monsoon
    East Asian Summer Monsoon Activities and Its Impacts on China's Climate in 2015   (Mr XIANG Yang, CMA) (3.6MB)
    Overview of recent climate over South Korea   (Ms So-Young YIM, KMA) (4.1MB)
ENSO current status and outlook
    ENSO Current Status and Outlook   (Mr SHAO Xie, CMA) (4.8MB)
    The ongoing El Nino event and its impact over East Asia in August 2015   (Mr TANAKA Motohiro, JMA) (4.1MB)
    Prediction skills of ENSO and the East Asian Winter Monsoon in the BCC_CSM1.1m model   (Mr CHENG Yanjie, CMA) (2.8MB)
    Understanding El Nino's influence on East Asian climate   (Mr Sang-Wook YEH, Hanyang University/ Korea) (4.0MB)
    How fast will be the phase-transition of 15/16 El Nino?   (Mr Yoo-Geun HAM, Chonnam National University/ Korea) (2.7MB)
Understanding of the East Asian Winter Monsoon
    Impact of Sudden Stratospheric Warming on the East Asiam Surface Climate   (Mr SON Seok-Woo, Seoul National University/ Korea) (12.9MB)
    JMA's New Seasonal Ensemble Prediction System: JMA/MRI-CPS2   (Mr MATSUKAWA Chihiro, JMA) (3.2MB)
    Two distinct influences of Arctic warming on cold winters over East Asia and North America   (Mr JEONG Jee-Hoon, Chonnam National Univ./Korea) (10.3MB)
    2015 seasonal prediction using CNU/KOPRI Seasonal Prediction System   (Dr Baek-Min KIM, KOPRI) (9.5MB)
Seasonal outlook for winter 2015/16
    Outlook of East Asia Winter Monsson for 2015/2016   (Ms CHEN Li juan, CMA) (18.2MB)
    Cold Season Outlook for Winter 2015/2016 over Japan   (Mr NARUI Akio, JMA) (2.2MB)
    Summer climate feature and seasonal outlook for winter 2015/2016 in Mongolia   (Mr GOMBOLUUDE Gomboluudev, NAMEM) (1.6MB)
    Climate Outlook For Winter 2015/16   (Mr LEE Hyunsoo, KMA) (3.3MB)
    Seasonal Climate Prediction for the Winter 2015/16   (Dr KRYJOV Vladimir, APEC Climate Center) (6.5MB)

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