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The Fifth Session of the East Asia winter Climate Outlook Forum (Tokyo, Japan, 8-10 November 2017)

Summary Report

* Seasonal outlooks contained in the summary report may be updated when each NMHS issues its official outlook.

Abstracts and Presentations

  • Presentations
Title Presentations
Current Status and Future Plan of Seasonal Forecasting Service
    Current Status and future plan of climate services in China   (Dr Yuping Yan, CMA) (6.6MB)
    Current Status and Future plan of Climate Services in JMA   (Mr Akihiko Shimpo, JMA) (3.9MB)
    Status and Plan of Seasonal Forecasting Service in KMA   (Dr Dong-Joon Kim, KMA) (11.0MB)
    Current and Future perspective of seasonal prediction of Mongolia   (Mr Davaadorj Amarsaikhan, NAMEM) (2.2MB)
Climate variations associated with the East Asian monsoon (I)
    The role of Arctic sea-ice decline on cold winters in recent Eurasia   (Dr Masato Mori, the University of Tokyo) -
    Predictability of Polar-night Jet Oscillation and Its Impact on the Skill of Tropospheric Forecasts   (Dr Shunsuke Noguchi, MRI/JMA) (2.7MB)
    Predictable seasonal temperature variability in the East Asian winter monsoon   (Mr Yuhei Takaya, MRI/JMA) (4.3MB)
Good practices for the engagement between producers and users of climate services
    Forecasting crop yield variability for world food agencies: toward operational services   (Dr Toshichika Iizumi, NARO) -
    The poor weather early warning system in Tohoku District, Northern Japan; an example of climate data usage for agriculture   (Dr Hiromitsu Kanno, NARO) -
    Development of Climate Risk Management Techniques for Agriculture at JMA   (Mr Nobuyuki Kayaba, JMA) (1.3MB)
    Dzud yearly warning system over Monglia   (Mr Davaadorj Amarsaikhan, NAMEM) (2.9MB)
    KMA Extreme Climate Services and (User-specific) applications   (Ms Sunhee Bae, KMA) (2.2MB)
Climate variations associated with the East Asian monsoon (II)
    Influence of enhanced convection over Southeast Asia on blocking ridge and associated surface high over Siberia in winter   (Mr Kazuto Takemura, JMA) (4.2MB)
    Detection of Kamchatka blocking and its winter circulation pattern   (Dr Baek-Min Kim, KOPRI) (1.9MB)
Review of recent climate conditions for East Asia
    Characteristics of 2017 summer monsoon in East Asia   (Mr Hiroki Togawa, JMA) (3.7MB)
    Review of major high impact climate events over China this year   (Dr Chan Xiao, CMA) (3.5MB)
    Overview of 2017 Summer Climate over South Korea   (Dr Soyoung Yim, KMA) (3.5MB)
Development and verification of seasonal prediction system
    BCC climate prediction model system: developments and applications   (Dr Qiaoping Li, CMA) (9.4MB)
    Performance of JMA's Seasonal Ensemble Prediction System for recent events   (Mr Takashi Yamada, JMA) (2.0MB)
    Seasonal forecast skill of East Asian winter monsoon in APCC and CHFP multi-model data   (Dr Jee-Hoon Jeong, Chonnam National University) -
Seasonal outlook for winter 2017/18
    ENSO outlook   (Mr Ichiro Ishikawa, JMA) (2.1MB)
    BCC predictions of ENSO and primary EAST-Asian circulation patterns in 2017/18 winter   (Dr Hongli Ren, CMA) (3.9MB)
    Recent climate feature and seasonal outlook for Winter 2017/2018 over Mongolia   (Mr Davaadorj Amarsaikhan, NAMEM) (4.1MB)
    Climate Outlook for Winter 2017/2018   (Ms Jeongwon Park, KMA) (3.7MB)
    Seasonal outlook for winter 2017/18 over Japan   (Mr Hajime Takayama, JMA) (1.9MB)
    Seasonal Outlook of the Climate in 2017/2018 Winter over China   (Dr Daquan Zhang, CMA) (11.0MB)
Discussion on future perspectives for EASCOF
    Report of the WMO Workshop on Global Review of Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOF)   (Mr Yasushi Mochizuki, JMA) (1.0MB)
    RA II Working Group on Climate Services (WGCS)   (Mr Kiyotoshi Takahashi, JMA) (0.9MB)
    WCRP Working Group on Subseasonal to Interdecadal Prediction (WGSIP)   (Dr Tamaki Yasuda, MRI/JMA) -

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