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Three-month Prediction (Tropics and Asia)

This product is displayed for use by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs). It does not constitute an official forecast for any nation.

Forecast Maps

forecast period

initial date


ensemble mean forecast
spread and anomaly

corresponding verification

LT : lead time(day)
kt : lead time(hour)

Contour show forecast, and shaded pattern and vector show anomalies. Contour interval
CHI200 : 2x1.0E6m2/s
RAIN : 2mm/day
Z500 : 60m(area:60N-60S), 20m(area:Asia)
TS : 4C
SST : 2C
PSI200 : 16x1.0E6m2/s(area:60N-60S), 4x1.0E6m2/s(area:Asia)
PSI850 : 5x1.0E6m2/s(area:60N-60S), 2x1.0E6m2/s(area:Asia)
PSEA : 4hPa

Contour show spread, and shaded pattern show anomalies. Contour interval
CHI200 : 1x1.0E6m2/s
RAIN : 1mm/day
Z500 : 10m
TS : 1C
PSI200 : 2x1.0E6m2/s
PSI850 : 1x1.0E6m2/s
PSEA : 1hPa

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