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Verification of One-month Prediction (Northern Hemisphere)

Verification Maps

forecast period

initial date

corresponding recent forecast

LT : lead time(day)
kt : lead time(hour)

(from left to right)
left : analysis (Shaded patterns show anomalies.)
middle : ensemble mean forecast (Shaded patterns show anomalies.)
right : error of the forecast (Shaded patterns show errors.)

(from top to bottom)
top : Contours show 500hPa height in an interval of 60m.
middle : Contours show 850hPa temperature in an interval of 3C.
bottom : Contours show sea level pressure in an interval of 4hPa.

ACOR : anomally correration
RMSE : root mean square error
fcst : ensemble mean forecast
clim : climate forecast
pers : persistency forecast

NH : 0-360,20N-90N
EU : 0-180,20N-90N
PAC : 90E-90W,20N-90N
JPN : 100E-170E,20N-60N

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