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Download of the JMA's Global Surface Temperature Anomalies Data

Monthly and annual anomalies of the JMA's Global Surface Temperature averaged in 5° x 5° grid boxes are available to be
downloaded. The data is a set of compressed plain text files.

[Data and Analysis Method]


Data are stored in ASCII.
All values are stored as temperature anomalies from the 1991 - 2020 average in degrees Celsius.
Missing data are set to the value given in the header. (normally -9999.0)
Grids are 5° x 5°.

Data array consists of 36 rows by 72 columns.
The grid at the 1st column in the 1st row stores the value for the grid box at 2.5°E and 87.5°N.
The grid at the 2nd column in the 1st row stores the value for the grid box at 7.5°E and 87.5°N.
The grid at the 72nd column in the 36th row stores the value for the grid box at 2.5°W and 87.5°S.

Each file of "Whole Period" on this page stores the monthly and annual values from 1891 to the last year.
Each file of "Decade Files" stores the monthly values for each decade.


The first line of each record is the header representing attributes of the record. The format of the header is :

# Year  Month  Day   Rows  Columns  Missing   Lon-Lat at (1,1)   Lon-Lat at (72,36)

#  2008    12  null    36    72 Missing=-9999.00  (1,1)=(2.5E,87.5N) and (72,36)=(2.5W,87.5S).

The 3rd column, Day, of the header is "null" in the monthly file. In the annual file, the 2nd column, Month, is "null" too.

Whole Period

1891-last year gst_mon_1891_last.gz (4MB) gst_ann_1891_last.gz (300KB)

Decade Files

File size of each file is about 300KB.

1891-1900 gst_mon_1891_1900.gz
1901-1910 gst_mon_1901_1910.gz
1911-1920 gst_mon_1911_1920.gz
1921-1930 gst_mon_1921_1930.gz
1931-1940 gst_mon_1931_1940.gz
1941-1950 gst_mon_1941_1950.gz
1951-1960 gst_mon_1951_1960.gz
1961-1970 gst_mon_1961_1970.gz
1971-1980 gst_mon_1971_1980.gz
1981-1990 gst_mon_1981_1990.gz
1991-2000 gst_mon_1991_2000.gz
2001-2010 gst_mon_2001_2010.gz
2011-2020 gst_mon_2011_2020.gz
2021-last gst_mon_2021_last.gz