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Provision of climate data, information and tools

TCC products can be accessed via the categorized menu bar at the top of the online screen.
  • World Climate: Results from surface monitoring of global climate and extreme events
  • Climate System Monitoring: Results from monitoring of global climate system variables, including atmospheric circulation, tropical convection and snow coverage
  • El Niño and Indian Ocean Dipole: Results from monitoring of El Niño/La Niña and Indian Ocean Dipole conditions and interannual/decadal variability in global ocean areas, and related outlooks for the tropical Pacific and other regions
  • NWP Model Prediction: Products based on numerical prediction model output (ensemble-averaged statistics, probabilistic information and other data)
  • Global Warming: Results form climate change monitoring and global warming projection
  • Climate in Japan: Monthly and seasonal climate reports and outlooks for Japan
  • Training Modules: Content from previous training seminars and presentation materials from past Regional Climate Outlook Forum (RCOF) sessions
  • Press releases: TCC News archives and past press releases

See the site map for all TCC products, information and tool.

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