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Training Seminar on Application of Seasonal Forecast GPV Data to Seasonal Forecast Products


18-21 January 2011


Headquaters of JMA, Tokyo, Japan


Familiarization with seasonal forecast GPV data available on the webpage of TCC as well as its application to seasonal forecast products such as probabilistic seasonal forecasts.


Date Period Program
Tuesday, 18 January AM Welcome address by Director-General of Global
Environment and Marine Department, JMA
Group photo shooting Photo(838KB)
Outline and Scope of the Training Seminar
Main Products provided by TCC
JMA Ensemble Prediction System for Long-range Forecast
PM Atmospheric Circulation Analysis for Seasonal Forecasting
Seasonal Forecasting and related TCC products
   1. Introduction
   2. Overview of JMA Operational Seasonal Forecast
   3. Procedure of making JMA Seasonal Forecast
   4. TCC Products
Wednesday, 19 January AM Introduction of making Guidance and selecting Predictors
Exercise for Guidance (Relationship with predictors)
Methods of Forecast Verification
PM Quick Tutorial for Statistical Analysis by the ITACS
Exercise for Guidance
    Working files
     - Tutorial of Exercise for producing statistical guidance
     - ExerciseForGuidance.xls
     - TokyoJJATemp.csv
     - TokyoJJAPrec.csv
     - GPVdata.xls
     - indices.xls
Thursday, 20 January AM Exercise for Guidance (including Verification)
PM Exercise for Guidance and Preparation for Presentation
Friday, 21 January AM Presentations by participants and Q&A (with a break)
PM Wrap-up Discussion

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