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Training Seminar on One-month Forecast Products


7-9 November 2011


Headquaters of JMA, Tokyo, Japan


Acquiring basic skills of statistical downscaling method for producing one-month forecast through lectures and individual exercises with the use of the latest numerical prediction data as well as historical climate data.




Date Period Program
Monday, 7 November AM 1. Opening session
   Welcome address
   Self-introduction by participants
   Group photo shooting Photo(9.9MB)  List_of_Participants(93KB)
   Courtesy call on JMA's Director-General
2. introduction
   - Objectives and structure of the training seminar
   - Products available on the TCC website
3. Climate Analysis
   - Atmospheric Circulation Analysis for Seasonal Forecasting
   - How to use JMA's web-base application for climate analysis (ITACS: Interactive Tool for Analysis of the Climate System)
PM 4. JMA Ensemble Prediction System (EPS) for seasonal prediction
   - Outline of the JMA operational EPS
   - Model products on the TCC website
   - How to download and use the gridded data (grid point values; GPVs) of the JMA numerical models
5. Seasonal Forecasting
   - Predictability of the model
   - How to interpret model output
   - How to issue seasonal forecast in JMA
Tuesday, 8 November AM 6. Producing Guidance and Verification
   - What is seasonal forecast guidance
   - Verification of probabilistic forecasts
   Exercise :Producing site-specific guidance using domestic data
PM 6. Producing Guidance and Verification (exercise continued)
7. Preparing one-month forecast
   Exercise: Preparing one-month forecast using the guidance prepared in session 6
Wednesday, 9 November AM 7. Preparing one-month forecast (exercise continued)
   Preparing presentations to be given in session 8
PM 8. Presentations and Discussion
   Presentations on one-month forecast for November 2011
9. Closing session

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