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The Sixth Session of East Asia winter Climate Outlook Forum (Seoul, the Republic of Korea, 7-9 November 2018)

Summary Report

* Seasonal outlooks contained in the summary report may be updated when each NMHS issues its official outlook.

Abstracts and Presentations

  • Presentations
Title Presentations
Overview of the recent Climate and Extremes
    Overview of 2018 Summer Climate over South Korea   (LIM Juyoun, KMA) (4.6MB)
    Review of major high impact climate events over China this year   (LI Ying, CMA) (6.2MB)
    2018 Summer in East Asia: Rapid transition from extreme flood to extreme heat wave   (YOON Jin-Ho, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology(GIST)/Korea) (1.4MB)
    Characteristics and Factors about the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018 and the Subsequent Heatwave in Japan in boreal summer 2018   (Minako SHIOTA, JMA) (2.0MB)
    The possible climatic causes of 2018 extreme heat event in South Korea   (MOON Ja-Yeon, APEC Climate Center) (7.4MB)
    Climate Change and extreme heat wave events in Korea, 2018   (YEH Sang-Wook, Hanyang University, Korea) (2.2MB)
Services and Assessments (Verification) of Long-range Forecasts
    NIMS/KMA Seasonal Forecasting System and Predictability   (LEE Sang-Min, National Institute of Meteorological Sciences, KMA) (4.1MB)
    Using climate indices calculated from GloSea5 for subseasonal prediction   (PARK Byoung-Kwon, KMA) (5.8MB)
    Statistical downscaling and Machine Learning in predicting monthly precipitation over China   (LIU Changzheng, CMA) (1.8MB)
    Characteristic and Prediction Evaluation of the 2017/2018 Asian winter monsoon   (Akira ITO, JMA)) (3.5MB)
Research and Development of Climate variations related to the East Asia Winter Monsoon
    Wintertime Surface Air Temperature Modes   (PARK Hae-Li, Pusan National University, Korea) (2.4MB)
    Statistical model for seasonal prediction of boreal wintertime temperature over South Korea   (WOO Sungho, Chonnam National University, korea) (4.1MB)
    Impact of Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on Subseasonal Variability over East Asia   (LIM Yuna, Seoul National University/Korea) (2.5MB)
    What controls ENSO teleconnection to East Asia?   (KUG Jong-Seong, POSTECH/Korea) (9.5MB)
Discussion on the ENSO Activity and Outlook
    El Niño Outlook (October 2018 – April 2019)   (Minako SHIOTA, JMA) (2.3MB)
    Monthly climate variation over Korea in relation to the two types of ENSO evolution   (YEO Sae-Rim, APEC Climate Center) (2.3MB)
Seasonal Climate Outlook for winter 2018/2019
    Seasonal Climate Outlook for Winter 2018/2019 over China   (ZHI Rong, CMA) (8.2MB)
    Cold Season Outlook for winter 2018/2019 over Japan   (Akira ITO, JMA) (0.8MB)
    Seasonal Climate Outlook for coming winter of 2018/2019 over Mongolia using dynamical model and statistical downscaling   (Gerelchuluun Bayasgalan, NAMEM) (5.4MB)
    The Seasonal outlook for East Asian winter 2018-2019 by APCC MME   (KIM Yoojin, APEC Climate Center) (2.5MB)
    Climate Outlook for Winter 2018 over Korea   (SEO Taegun, KMA) (4.5MB)
    2-Way Nesting Ultra-High Resolution Prediction for Temp. & Prec.(Application to Seasonal prediction for a Limited Area)   (OH Jaiho, Pukyong National University/Korea) (4.1MB)

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