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Weekly Report on Global Extreme Climate Events -----

Extreme climate events and weather-related disasters during this period

Extreme Climate Event
1WarmFrom the northern part of Eastern Siberia to the eastern part of Central Siberia
2WarmFrom southern Mongolia to eastern China
3WetFrom southeastern to southern China
  • It was reported that heavy rains caused more than 30 fatalities from southeastern to southern China (the government of China).
4Warm · DryIn and around southern China
5WarmIn and around western India
  • It was reported that heat waves caused more than 20 fatalities in from northern to western India (European Commission).
6WarmFrom southeastern Europe to central Middle East
7DryFrom eastern Turkey to western Syria
8WarmFrom northwestern Russia to southern Europe
9WetFrom northern Netherlands to the southern UK
10ColdFrom western to southwestern Europe
11DryFrom northwestern Spain to northern Morocco
12WarmThe northern part of Northern Africa
13ColdFrom central to western Canada
14WetThe southwestern USA
15WarmFrom northeastern to southern Mexico

Extreme Climate Monitoring

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