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The Second Session of East Asia winter Climate Outlook Forum (Tokyo, Japan, 29-31 October 2014)

Title Presentations
Current Status and Future Plan of Seasonal Forecasting Service
    Recent development of JMA's climate services   (Mr Shuhei Maeda, JMA) (2.4MB)
    JMA's New Seasonal Prediction System: JMA/MRI-CGCM2  (Mr Chihiro Matsukawa, JMA) (4.1MB)
    Seasonal predictability of tropical cyclone formation by the JMA/MRI-CGCM   (Mr Yutaro Kubo, JMA) (5.3MB)
    Subseasonal predictability in negative phases of the Arctic Oscillation   (Mr Atsushi Minami, JMA) (3.9MB)
    The JRA-55 Reanalysis: General specifications and basic characteristics   (Dr Kazutoshi Onogi, JMA) (3.7MB)
    Recent JMA's activities for climate related decision making
        Climate Risk Management in the Apparel Industry   (Mr Shoichiro Miyawaki, JMA)
Climate variations associated with the East Asian monsoon
    The relationship between Japan's recent temperature and decadal variability   (Mr Yusuke Urabe, JMA) (10.2MB)
    Statistical relationship between ENSO and East Asian climate   (Mr Motoaki Takekawa, JMA) (4.1MB)
    Variations of the Arctic Oscillation and its impact on East Asian winter   (Mr Kengo Miyaoka, JMA) (5.8MB)
    Characteristics of East Asian summer monsoon 2014   (Mr Yoshinori Oikawa, JMA) (8.4MB)
Seasonal outlook for winter 2014/15
    ENSO outlook   (Mr Ichiro Ishikawa, JMA) (5.1MB)
    Cold Season Outlook for Winter 2014/2015 over Japan   (Mr Masayuki Hirai, JMA) (5.3MB)

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