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What are WMO RCCs?

WMO Regional Climate Centers (RCCs) are centres of excellence that create regional products including long-range forecasts that support regional and national climate activities, and thereby strengthen the capacity of WMO Members in a given region to deliver better climate services to national users.

RCC Functions

WMO RCCs perform the following set of mandatory functions covering the domains of long-range forecasting (LRF), climate monitoring, data services and training.

Main Products


GPC Tokyo (a Global Producing Center for Long-range Forecasts (LRF))


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STRATALERT TOKYO  last updated : 11 Apr 2014

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15 December 2014 new

  • Updated Information: Global Average Surface Temperature Anomalies

15 December 2014 new

  • Updated Information: World Climate

15 December 2014 new

  • Updated Information: Climate System Monitoring

10 December 2014 new

10 December 2014 new

  • Updated Information: Climate in Japan

26 November 2014 new

    - El Niño Outlook (October 2014 – April 2015)
    - JMA's Seasonal Numerical Ensemble Prediction for Winter 2014/2015
    - Cold Season Outlook for Winter 2014/2015 in Japan
    - Summary of the 2014 Asian Summer Monsoon
    - Status of the Antarctic Ozone Hole in 2014
    - New Forecast Products in Support of Early Warnings for Extreme Weather Events
    - Unseasonable weather conditions in Japan in August 2014
    - Launch of New Website on Climate Risk Management
    - The Second Session of the East Asia winter Climate Outlook Forum (EASCOF-2)

25 November 2014 new

3 September 2014 new

28 August 2014 new

15 April 2014

4 April 2014

31 March 2014

6 March 2014

3 March 2014

  • Announcement: Products using new reanalysis dataset (JRA-55) are available

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