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World Climate

JMA monitors the global climate with CLIMAT and SYNOP reports from NMHSs through the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) of WMO. Quality-checked data on temperature and precipitation are assembled to assess extreme climate events. Weekly, monthly and seasonal monitoring reports on extreme climate events with brief descriptions of disastrous events are available on this page, along with world distribution maps of temperature and precipitation.
Climatological normals for temperature and precipitation are based on the period 1981-2010.

[Notice] TCC/JMA is pleased to announce an update to the World Climate pages. The new extreme climate report content is visually simpler than before and provides direct links to temperature anomaly maps, extreme climate event distribution maps and other relevant resources. These maps were previously provided on individual report pages, but are now integrated into the site's World Climate Chart page for ease of viewing. They can also be accessed via the links on the right of extreme climate report pages.

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