Global Space-based Inter-calibration System (GSICS)

GSICS is one of the space components of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Its mission is to provide users with high-quality and inter-calibrated measurements from operational satellites. Please see the GSICS portal operated by WMO for more details. The MSC contributes to GSICS in its role as a GSICS Processing and Research Center (GPRC) for optical imagers on the Himawari/MTSAT/GMS series.

Himawari-8/-9 and MTSAT-1R/-2

Calibration Event Logging

Himawari Calibration Portal provides information on instrument specification, calibration events and data outages of the JMA's geostationary satellites.

Infrared Inter-calibration with High-spectral-resolution Sounders

Within the GSICS framework, Himawari-8/-9 AHI infrared data are routinely compared with those from high-spectral-resolution sounders, such as the AIRS equipment on the Aqua satellite and the IASI instrument on the Metop satellite. For details of inter-calibration methods and results, please refer to the inter-calibration guide link below. Regarding the maturity level of GSICS Products, please refer to GSICS Product Catalog.

Inter-calibration Guide

Statistics for GSICS Correction

Visible and Near Infrared Vicarious Calibration

Himawari-8/-9 AHI visible and near-infrared data are routinely monitored based on comparison of observations with radiative transfer calculation. For details of vicarious calibration methods, please see the following vicarious calibration guide web page.

Himawari-8/-9 AHI


  • Monthly statistics (based on: RTM)
  • Guide (based on: RTM)

GSICS Websites

GSICS Portal - Provided by WMO Space Programme

GSICS Coordination Center (GCC)

GSICS Wiki - Information for GSICS users/developers including meeting materials

GSICS Processing and Research Centers (GPRCs)

GSICS Collaboration Servers