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Volcano Map

: volcanoes
: volcanoes for which VAAs (Volcanic Ash Advisories) have been issued.

As of 24 July, 2014, information of volcanoes in VAAs such as names, locations, volcano numbers and others are those in the database for VAA which is maintained by ICAO.
The database does not represent any formal position by ICAO.

Latest Volcanic Ash Advisories

VolcanoAdvisory NumberEruption DetailsDate Time
SAKURAJIMA (AIRA CALDERA)2023/472023-02-08 02:10Z2023-02-08 03:47Z
EBEKO2023/162023-02-08 02:48Z2023-02-08 03:04Z
SAKURAJIMA (AIRA CALDERA)2023/462023-02-08 02:10Z2023-02-08 02:23Z
SUWANOSEJIMA2023/892023-02-08 00:26Z2023-02-08 01:41Z
SUWANOSEJIMA2023/882023-02-08 00:26Z2023-02-08 00:38Z
EBEKO2023/152023-02-08 00:08Z2023-02-08 00:20Z
SUWANOSEJIMA2023/872023-02-07 23:47Z2023-02-08 00:03Z
CHIKURACHKI2023/272023-02-07 23:20Z2023-02-08 00:00Z
CHIKURACHKI2023/262023-02-07 21:20Z2023-02-07 21:49Z


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