About usage of the data

NEAR-GOOS RRTDB provides free and unrestricted access to all the available data based on the IOC oceanographic data exchange policy.

Most of the GPVs provided here are preliminary estimations. Please check the updated data available later.

While RRTDB provides near-real-time and operational data update, it has no responsibility for delay or corruption of data.

If you use the data in your paper or website, please acknowledge data sources as "NEAR-GOOS RRTDB".

User registration

User registration for those who intends to have automated access to our database has become unnecessary. With this change, NEAR-GOOS RRTDB access via FTP will be terminated on 28 February 2019.
The database has been acquired via HTTP and HTTPS without user ID/password as ever and directory structure of the data will not be changed. In addition, file lists under the database has become open to access in order to improve usability including wget data download.
Please see it at https://www.data.jma.go.jp/gmd/goos/data/pub.

User Guide

Please contact data administrator if you have any questions.