Monthly Report for May 2020

Updated on 27 Jul. 2020

 This report outlines the results of comparison between observation data and the outcomes of assimilation performed by JMA. The targets are SOOP line observations, which are made during the month. JMA uses BATHY and TESAC reports collected via GTS (the Global Telecommunication System).

Vessel-based observation in May 2020

No line observation was completed in the month.

Method for comparing observation data with the result of assimilation by MOVE-NP

 First, observation data collected by JMA via GTS (the Global Telecommunication System) are subjected to a set of quality control procedures, and erroneous data are removed based on the results (more information on QC is available on the quality control procedures page).
 Next, the quality-checked data are converted to vertically standard level data using spline interpolation. A total of 351 standard levels are set for the interpolation from 1 m to 1,000 m in depth with intervals of 2 m above 500 m and 5 m below this level. Observations made outside the MOVE-NP area of coverage are also excluded from the comparison.
 Finally, the interpolated observation data are compared with the result of assimilation by MOVE-NP, and related statistics are calculated.