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About Global Climate System Monitoring

JMA monitors the present state of the global atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial climate system focusing on atmospheric circulation, convection, ocean conditions and snow/ice coverage based on numerical objective analyses and satellite observations. These monitoring results provide useful information for interpretation of the present climate including extreme events and long-term trends, and for long-range forecasts and scientific research.

Noting that homogeneous and consistent data is necessary for reliable monitoring of the global climate system, JMA conducted the Japanese Reanalysis Project (JRA-25) in cooperation with the Central Reasearch Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI). The project was completed in March 2006, and long-term, homogeneous global analysis data for the period 1979-2004 was finalized and released to users in July 2006. JMA has operated the JMA Climate Data Assimilation System (JCDAS), which is the same data assimilation system used in JRA project, on a near-real-time basis since March 2006.

Monthly Mean Sea Level Pressure and Surface Wind Vectors

The number of days of cover with snow or sea ice as observed by SSM/I in the Northern Hemisphere (left panel), and the anomaly (right panel)

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