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The Seventh Session of East Asia winter Climate Outlook Forum (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 5-7 November 2019)

Summary Report

* Seasonal outlooks in this report shall be updated when each NMHS issues its official outlook.

Abstracts and Presentations

Title Presenter Presentation
Session I: Research on Large-scale Circulation related to East Asia Winter Monsoon
   Development and application of BCC high resolution model prediction system Yan Jinghui, CMA (4.9MB)
   Climate prediction system based on large-scale circulation G. Bayasgalan, IRIMHE -
   Relationship between snow and atmospheric circulation E. Munkhjargal and E. Dorjpurev, IRIMHE -
Session II: Overview of Recent Climate and Extremes
   Review of 2019 summer climate over Mongolia S.Javzmaa, Kh. Akhmyet-Ali and A.Davaadorj, NAMEM (1.9MB)
   Brief Post-Analysis of the South Korea Summer in 2019 CHOI Chulwoon, KIM Dongjoon, KMA (4.1MB)
   Characteristics of 2019 summer monsoon in East Asia ADACHI Noriyuki, JMA (2.9MB)
   Climate Events and Impacts over China in 2019 Yizhou YIN, CMA (2.9MB)
   Recent extreme events in Mongolia Doljinsuren Myagmar, NAMEM (5.2MB)
Session III: Application of Climate Information in Socio-Economic sector
   KMA Extreme Climate Service - Analysis and Forecast Youjin WON, KMA (2.7MB)
   Early warning for Dzud disaster B. Erdenetsetseg, N. Mungunchimeg and Ts. Bat-Oyun, IRIMHE (1.8MB)
   Government action and their effect on dzud mitigation and Response in Mongolia (a case study Khuvsgul) Ch. Ariunaa, NEMA -
   Winter Preparation for Livestock Husbandry based on Winter Outlook MUNKHNASAN Tsevegmed, MOFALI/Mongolia (3.0MB)
   Seasonal changes of Ice phenomena and Ice cover Purevdagva Khalzan, IRIMHE (2.4MB)
   Impact of climate change on Environment Dashkhuu DULAMSUREN, NAMEM (0.8MB)
Session IV: Seasonal Climate Outlook for Winter 2019/2020
   ENSO outlook for 2019/2020 winter Ben Tian, CMA (1.8MB)
   JICA project concept on risk reduction associated with dzud disaster in Mongolia WATANABE Masataka, JICA/Japan -
   Cold season outlook for winter 2019/2020 over Japan NOTSUHARA Shoji, JMA (0.9MB)
   Climate Outlook for Winter 2019/20 over KOREA Seo TaeGun, KMA (2.4MB)
   Seasonal Climate Outlook for Winter 2019/2020 over China Zhao Junhu, CMA (3.3MB)
   Seasonal Outlook for winter 2019/2020 over Mongolia A. Davaadorj and Kh. Akhmyetali, IRIMHE (4.4MB)

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