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Explanation for SST-GPV file

Information about file format

SST-GPV files are in the form of WMO binary code FM92 GRIB.

To use SST-GPV files on GrADS,

You need to prepare .ctl file and .idx file.
We provide sample files for the period from January 2000 to Feb. 2009 as follows :

Please modify these samples by the following procedure.

  1. Prepare SST data for the periods
    Place all data files in the same directory.
  2. Modify sstm.ctl file
    Change only the number on month in the data set and start month/year in 'tdef' line.
    Current description,
    'tdef 110 linear 00Z15jan2000 1mo'
    means '110' months from Jan. 2000 to Feb. 2009.
    If you would like to use data from Jan. 1891 to Apr. 2023, modify the above description to
    'tdef 2080 linear 00Z15jan1891 1mo',
    which means '2080' months from Jan. 1891 to Apr. 2023.
  3. Make sstm.idx file
    Place sstm.ctl in the same directory as SST data, and run the GrADS command 'gribmap' as follows;
    gribmap -e -i sstm.ctl
    You will find sstm.idx.

The .ctl file and the .idx file for normals are as follows :

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