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Seasonal Highlights on the Climate System

'Seasonal Highlights' has been issued in PDF format since spring 2007 as a seasonal bulletin focusing on the seasonal highlights of the monitoring results. For monthly information, please refer to 'Monthly Highlights on the Climate System.'

Highlights in Summer (June 2018 - August 2018)

- Seasonal mean temperature in eastern Japan and seasonal precipitation amount in Okinawa/Amami were the highest on record for boreal summer since 1946, respectively.
- Seasonal mean temperatures were extremely high from eastern Japan to northern China, from northeastern to western Europe, and from the western USA to northern Mexico.
- In the equatorial Pacific, remarkably positive SST anomalies were observed in the western part.
- Convective activity was enhanced from the Philippines to the 10-20ºN latitude band in the North Pacific.
- In the 500-hPa height field, the polar vortex in the Northern Hemisphere shifted toward North America, and positive anomalies were seen over the mid-latitudes.
- The North Pacific Subtropical High was stronger than normal to the seas southeast of Japan. The northeastward extension of the Tibetan High was also seen and the Tibetan High covered a large part of Japan.

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