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Seasonal Highlights on the Climate System

'Seasonal Highlights' has been issued in PDF format since spring 2007 as a seasonal bulletin focusing on the seasonal highlights of the monitoring results. For monthly information, please refer to 'Monthly Highlights on the Climate System.'

Highlights in Winter (December 2017 - February 2018)

- It is considered that La Niña conditions continue in the equatorial Pacific (see El Niño Outlook updated on 9 March 2018).
- Seasonal mean temperatures were below normal all over Japan and seasonal precipitation amounts were significantly above normal on the Sea of Japan side of eastern Japan.
- Seasonal mean temperatures were extremely high from western Alaska to the central part of Eastern Siberia and from the northeastern part of Western Siberia to northeastern Greenland.
- Convective activity was enhanced from the Indochina Peninsula to the seas east of the Philippines.
- In the upper troposphere, anti-cyclonic circulation anomalies were seen from eastern India to southern China. The subtropical jet stream in the Northern Hemisphere displaced northward from its normal position in general while meandering northward over China and southward over Japan, respectively.
- In the 500-hPa height field, the polar vortex in the Northern Hemisphere split into the East Siberian part and the North American part associated with positive height anomalies in and around the North Pole.

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