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Climate Report over Japan

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Seasonal Highlights

- Seasonal mean temperatures were significantly above normal in northern/eastern/western Japan because the regions were covered by warm-air and affected by southerly warm air advection. The regional average of seasonal mean temperature anomalies was the highest on record for summer since 1946 in northern/eastern Japan, and tied with 2013, 2018 and 2022 as the highest on record for summer since 1946 in western Japan. The seasonal anomaly of the average temperature over Japan was +1.76 ℃ (the warmest for the season since 1898).
- Seasonal sunshine durations were significantly above normal in northern/eastern Japan, and seasonal precipitation amounts were below normal in the Pacific side of northern Japan, because the regions were frequently covered by high-pressure systems.
- Meanwhile, seasonal precipitation amounts were significantly above normal on the Pacific side of eastern/western Japan and in Okinawa/Amami, and seasonal sunshine durations were below normal in Okinawa/Amami, because the regions were affected by the Baiu rainy season front in June and two Typhoons KHANUN (T2306) and LAN (T2307) in August.

Climate Anomaly Table Over Japan

Seasonal Climate Anomaly over Japan


Monthly Mean 500hPa GeoPotential Height

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