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TCC Training Seminar on Climate Analysis Information on Extreme Climate Events


25 - 29 November 2019


Headquarters of JMA, Tokyo, Japan


To familiarize with TCC's climate analysis products, information and tools
To improve skills in generating climate monitoring information on extreme climate events using the tools


Textbook:pdf (14.9MB),    Annex (Operation of iTacs):pdf (2.0MB)


Date Period Program
Monday, 25 November AM 1. Opening session
   Welcome address
   Self-introduction by participants - List of Participants (152KB)
   Group photo (287KB)
   Courtesy call on JMA's Director-General
2. Introduction: Outline and scope of the Training Seminar, and Introduction of the Tokyo Climate Center (TCC)
   pdf (4.1MB)
3. Lecture: "Introduction to Climatology" for experts on climate analysis information
   pdf (24.8MB)
4. Lecture: Introduction of reanalysis and JRA-55
   pdf (4.2MB)
5. Exercise: Introduction and operation of iTacs (Basic)
   pdf (13.0MB)
Tuesday, 26 November AM 6. Lecture: Interannual to decadal variability in the tropical oceans
   pdf (10.4MB)
7. Lecture: Climate Analysis information
   pdf (6.3MB)
8. Exercise: Introduction and operation of iTacs (Advanced)
   The material used is the same as item 5.
9. Lecture: Tokyo Climate Center Website and its products
- for monitoring the world climate and ocean -
   pdf (7.1MB)
Wednesday, 27 November AM 10. Exercise: Climate condition at extreme climate events
   pdf (2.0MB)
11. Lecture and Exercise: Climate Analysis information
- example of analysis of past extreme events -
   pdf (7.3MB)
PM 12. Exercise: Analyzing past extreme climate events for your country and preparation for presentation
   pdf (0.8MB)
Thursday, 28 November AM
PM 13. Presentation: Presentation by participants
Friday, 29 November AM 13. Presentation: Presentation by participants (cont.)
14. Wrap up and Closing

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